Ultra-high-net-worth individuals have unique tax and estate planning considerations that continue after death. One of our flagship solutions, the ZeroCost™ Product, is an innovative Winnipeg insurance strategy that addresses estate tax liabilities, estate equalization, asset protection and charitable giving needs without disrupting cash flow.  Furthermore, the strategy significantly alleviates the tax liability for the next generation.  With insurance face amounts in excess of $10 million, our clients retain maximum wealth, with minimum tax implications, and secure their legacy for future generations.


We work with a dedicated team of actuaries, insurance specialists and underwriters to maximize wealth retention while minimizing tax implications. Our ZeroCost™ insurance strategy has been successfully used for over 20 years. Each client's insurance strategy is customized to fit within their financial structure.

We consult on a national level using Canada's top tax lawyers and accountants. With offices in Winnipeg and Montreal, we service clients efficiently from across the country.