Nearly ¾ of business owners report that their group benefits plan helps them as much as it does their employees! Factors such as employee loyalty, retention and productivity, as well as prospect attraction, make it so. Beyond the benefits to you, group insurance plans offer invaluable services to those who help make your business what it is today. We offer a variety of solutions; each customized for your business.


Do you own a business with no arms-length employees? Do you pay income tax? Do you have medical expenses? If you answered ‘yes’ to these three questions, then, our Health Spending Account (HSA) will save you money.

Paradigm Insurance is a broker for the sole fully-digital HSA in Canada.  The product allows for 100% reimbursement of virtually all healthcare expenses (all dental, optical, drugs and paramedical expenses) in a near-instantaneous manner.  The product is affordable and incredibly easy to activate.

Here’s how it works:


You fund the plan with an amount of your choosing


Your employee claims an eligible medical expense and is reimbursed, tax-free


The medical expenses are a tax deductible / business expense for you


Funds not used by the employee are returned to you

It’s as simple as that. After activating the account, you incur no expenses until a claim is made by the employee for an eligible medical bill.  When the employee makes a claim, they’re reimbursed directly for 100% of the claim, tax-free, up to their benefit allowance.

Our keenly crafted buy-sell arrangements are excellent solutions for company shareholders who want their business to continue after their own passing or that of another shareholder.  In short, buy-sell arrangements allow for shareholders to purchase the shares of a recently deceased shareholder in a timely and affordable manner.


Key-person insurance in Winnipeg is an ideal solution for corporations that would require immediate capital in the event of a key-employee or executive’s passing.  Many corporations invest untold resources in particular employees.  Moreover, employees often invest substantially in themselves.

The combination of these projects results in individuals with unmatched knowledge, judgement, skills, and experience.  The loss of such an employee can often harm corporations in unpredictable ways.  Key-person insurance provides the working capital necessary to fund the search for, and cost of, a replacement while helping to cover the interim expenses.


Building a successful company delivers countless benefits.  However, unique liabilities may also accompany great success. Proper insurance-based, estate-tax solutions are a skillful way to ensure that your successor generation is not unnecessarily burdened.

For example, your hard work likely produced capital gains in either your real estate portfolio or shares of your business.  Careful, strategic planning can make it such that these gains are passed to your successor generation; ensuring that your hard-earned growth is intact for generations to come.