After spending over a decade in business consulting and insurance, Carmyn Aleshka founded Paradigm Insurance Inc. (Paradigm) in 2016.  Paradigm is a life and accident and sickness insurance agency which delivers unique, efficient, and intelligent insurance-based solutions to individuals, families, and businesses across Canada. In 2019, Paradigm broadened its scope by utilizing its cultivated expert-resources to craft solutions for a more expansive market. By evolving principals and strategies designed for the ultra-wealthy, Paradigm’s insurance experts can deliver effective solutions to people of every circumstance.

By working closely with representatives from, BMO Insurance, Canada Life, Empire Life, Great West Life, Industrial Alliance, ivari, The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife), Olympia Benefits, and Sun Life, Paradigm agents can offer an extraordinarily extensive catalogue of insurance products to their clients.  The sheer quantity of options available to Paradigm clients increases the probability of finding suitable solutions for even the most challenging cases. Be one in search of life, critical illness, or disability insurance, Paradigm brokers can market your case widely to ensure the discovery of the best available piece to your particular financial puzzle.  And for businesses in need of insurance for their staff or in search of creative tax strategies, Paradigm brokers make use of their considerable directory of contacts to confirm that every detail of every individual case is accounted for.

Uniquely, Paradigm Insurance pays special focus to longevity of health. Beyond the immense, well-understood benefits of leading a healthy life, healthy practices inexorably lead to more affordable and simpler insurance. As a result, Paradigm Insurance leverages its platform to promote and produce content which can assist one in improving the longevity of their physical and mental wellness. Paradigm’s inspiration for this focus stems deeper than lower insurance premiums and smoother applications. In fact, it is the passion of Paradigm President Carmyn Aleshka and that of her team which refreshingly brings well-being to the foreground of this practice.

In addition to Paradigm’s activities in the wellness space, Carmyn manifested her cherished appreciation for mental health and well-being by founding KIDTHINK Children’s Mental Health Centre Inc. (KIDTHINK) in 2018. KIDTHINK is a mental health treatment centre and outreach program that specializes in providing early-intervention and prevention mental health services to children 12 and under and their families. Carmyn’s success in the insurance industry helped make KIDTHINK a reality. Since conception, KIDTHINK has provided services to over 2000 Manitoban’s in need.

Carmyn Aleshka