About the strategy

Having a family is full of incredible experiences.  Given this, it is natural to forgo thinking about what will happen upon your passing or the passing of a family member in favor of continuing to enjoy the journey.  However, proper financial planning is vital to ensure that your family’s journey is a comfortable one for generations to come.

Why insure your family

Life’s busy; especially when you have a family.  We at Paradigm Insurance understand that.  As a result, we utilize industry-leading technology to ensure that protecting your family from the unexpected is as easy as can be.

Events such as the following can produce financially detrimental consequences families:

A disability causing inability to work;
A critical illness disrupting cash flow and generating expenses;
Or an unexpected death resulting in lost wages, tax-liabilities, and end-of-life expenses.

About the products

Working with a variety of insurers, Paradigm Insurance has designed a custom catalog of creative solutions that will fit within the financial parameters of all families.